Custom Lynx Casio AD-5 Keyboard Power Supply Replacement

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The Custom Lynx Casio AD-5 Keyboard Power Supply Replacement delivers ultra-clean power to a wide variety of Casio keyboards. Compact, lightweight and robust, the Custom Lynx Casio AD-5 Keyboard Power Supply is the perfect solution for live gigging musicians. The road-ready construction and small form factor mean you can carry this with you to your next gig in your backpack, gigbag or travel suitcase without breaking a sweat. Expertly engineered, the Custom Lynx Casio AD-5 delivers reliable and quiet power at 9V with a centre negative polarity to ensure you don’t get distracted by loud background hiss or hum.

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  • Input: 230V AC 50Hz
  • Output: 9V DC 850mA
  • Voltage: 9V
  • Polarity: Center negative
  • Product code: CAS9V
  • Compatible with:
    • AD-5, AD-5MLE
    • CA-100, CA-110
    • CPS-101
    • CT-210, CT-240, CT-310, CT-360, CT-410V, CT-460, CT-510, CT-605, CT-610, CT-615, CT-630, CT-636, CT-638, CT-640, CT-657, CT-660, CT-656, CT-670, CT-770, CTK-50, CTK-56, CTK-100, CTK120, CTK-130, CTK-149, CTK-150, CTK-230, CTK-300, CTK-330, CTK-401, CTK-411, CTK-431, CTK-450, CTK-451, CTK-470, CTK-471, CTK-480, CTK-481, CTK-485, CTK-491, CTK-495, CTK-496, CTK-500, CTK-501, CTK-510, CTK-511, CTK-515, CTK-518, CTK-519, CTK-520, CTK-520L, CTK-530, CTK-531, CTK-533, CTK-540, CTK-541, CTK-550, CTK-551, CTK-555L, CTK-560L, CTK-571, CTK-573, CTK-574, CTK-591, CTK-601, CTK-611, CTK-615, CTK-620L, CTK-630, CTK-631, CTK-647, CT-648, CTK-650, CTK-651, CTK-671, CTK-680, CTK-691, CTK-700, CTK-710, CTK-720, CTK-731, CTK-800, CTK-810, CTK-900, CTK-2000, CTK-2100, CTK-3000, CTK-4000
    • HT-700, HT-6000, LD-50, LK-30, LK-33, LK-35, LK-40, LK-42, LK-43, LK-43JC, LK-44, LK-45, LK-46, LK-50, LK-55, LK-56, LK-60, LK-70S, LK-73, LK-90, LK-93TV, LK-94TV, LK-100, LK-200S, LK-210, LK-215, LK-220, LK-230, LK-270, LK-300TV
    • MA-150, MA-170, MA-220, MT-35, MT-36, MT-55, MT-100, MT-140, MT-205, MT-210, MT-240, MT-400V, MT-500, MT-540, MT-600, MT-640, MT-820
    • PRO-100, PRO-200, PRO-300
    • WK-110, WK-200, 3782
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Custom Lynx Casio AD-5 Keyboard Power Supply Replacement

TZS 50,000

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